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Istanbul’s five best hammams – BBC Travel

Istanbul’s five best hammams – BBC Travel

4. Çukurcuma Hamam 

“Çukurcuma Hamam has a completely different look than other hammams: all white-washed look and a bit of mysticism to it, as we don’t know the original architect,” Kurumlu said. 

Located in the bohemian neighbourhood of Çukurcuma, Çukurcuma Hamamı has been an iconic landmark for nearly two centuries. “The original one was wood and burnt down, but the new one that replaced it kept some wood accents as a tribute to the original,” Kurumlu added.​​ It was originally built in the 1830s. After a long renovation period, the hammam was finally reopened in 2018. Retaining its white marble interior with neutral stone and timber features, it attempts to recapture the magnificence of a bygone era. 

However, Kurumlu says that Çukurcuma Hamamı brings a breath of fresh air into the hammam scene, combining its traditional dome roofs with modern interior terraces and hidden lounge areas. Natural lighting bounces around the high ceilings, and small windows and skylights keep the place bright and airy. “Take some time to explore the neighborhood around it, too, as it’s one of the only hammams that’s worth going for the neighbourhood as well,” she said. 

To offer a feeling of seclusion, only five guests are allowed into the hammam at a time. Interestingly, this is one of only a few mixed-gender hammams in Istanbul today, yet the hammam provides a traditional experience, with body scrubbing and bubble wash on a heated marble stone. Add the body massage with organic oils to extend your revitalisation.

Website: http://www.cukurcumahamami.com
Neighbourhood: Çukurcuma
Address: Firuzağa, Çukur Cuma Cd. NO : 43, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Phone number: +90 530 933 05 13
Instagram: @cukurcumahamami/


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