Private Road Maintenance Agreement Texas


    Private Road Maintenance Agreement in Texas: Explained

    Private roads are a common sight in Texas, especially in rural areas. However, unlike public roads maintained by the government, private roads are the responsibility of the property owners who use them. Thus, it is crucial to have a Private Road Maintenance Agreement (PRMA) in place to ensure responsible maintenance, repair, and liability.

    What is a PRMA?

    A PRMA is a legal document that outlines the responsibilities and obligations of property owners regarding private road maintenance. It typically covers tasks such as grading, repaving, snow removal, and debris removal. The agreement may also specify who is responsible for maintaining drainage systems and utilities that run along the private road.

    Why is a PRMA important?

    A PRMA is essential because it protects the property owners from disputes and legal liabilities. Without it, one party may end up paying more for the maintenance and repair costs, which can lead to conflicts and legal battles. Moreover, the agreement specifies the standard of maintenance required for the private road, preventing any negligence that could cause injury or damage to property.

    How to create a PRMA in Texas?

    Suppose you are a property owner who shares a private road with other landowners. In that case, you can create a PRMA by following these steps:

    1. Identify all the parties that share the private road, including their respective responsibilities and obligations.

    2. Define the private road boundaries and the maintenance obligations for each party involved.

    3. Specify the procedures for resolving disputes, such as mediation or arbitration.

    4. Determine the frequency of maintenance and repair work, and assign tasks accordingly.

    5. Define financial obligations, including payment methods and timelines.

    6. Include any necessary details, such as environmental regulations and safety standards.

    7. Get all parties involved to sign and date the agreement.


    In Texas, private roads require a PRMA to ensure responsible and safe use of these roads by property owners. The agreement outlines the shared responsibilities, obligations, and liabilities of landowners, as well as the procedures for settling disputes. It is essential to have a PRMA in place to prevent legal issues and ensure your private road remains in excellent condition. So, if you share a private road in Texas, consider creating a PRMA to protect your interests and avoid any potential conflicts.